Social appraisal

Fang ChenghongJi basic people-oriented, the concept of return to society, through the social vulnerable groups of care, training employees concerned about the sense of responsibility for social development. This year many times repeatedly visited condolences, poor heart charity, to build the company's soft power, show the company has a strong sense of social responsibility of the brand image.


In the long history of mankind, love a continual stream. Charity, once let poor students return to the campus, so that helpless patients have second lives, but also to the people in the disaster area have been rebuilt. But in our society, there is such a part of vulnerable groups, because of physical and mental disability exists, it is difficult to live a normal life, charity in them, such as the long winter sunshine of desire, perhaps is a ray of sunshine in their life can warm the cold winter. As an environmental protection, we not only use our actions to protect the environment, build a better home, but also with our love, care for the vulnerable groups in contemporary society, to assume the responsibility of our society.


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