Employee welfare

In order to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, and promote the adjustment of economic structure. Enterprises are in urgent need of high skilled personnel has superb skills and superb skills, fierce competition and market changes the speed of Cheng Hongji to catch up on the society, we must promote the establishment of enterprise staff skills competition incentive mechanism, establish a training and competition platform.


Carry out all forms of the occupation skill competition and training activities, and constantly improve the talent evaluation discovery mechanism, to promote the enterprise employee skills talent, in order to improve staff performance, to meet the needs of personal development, and improve the staff of the enterprise management goal contribution, such companies will be with the social progress and progress.


With the "people-oriented" management philosophy gradually into the management of the enterprise, the problem of employee motivation emotion level is more and more important to enterprise employees, emotional factors of enterprise employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, employee self-esteem, attention gradually become the enterprise human resources management problems. In order to establish a good corporate image, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, so that the operating system in a stable and orderly environment in the development of high speed, the development of a sound system of employee incentives.


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