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The seventieth China Education Equipment Exhibition

The seventieth session of the China education equipment exhibition as the largest educational equipment exhibition opened in Shenyang, the production of multimedia teaching equipment enterprises in Liaoning province FangChengHongJi as the most professional representatives of local enterprises in Liaoning participated in the exhibition, to showcase the development of educational equipment industry to share product information and educational equipment to let the public feel full of innovation pulse field of educational equipment.



With the arrival of the era of big data, big data technology applications and analysis to bring new business opportunities. In order to exhibitors and visitors to provide comprehensive, professional, quality service, exhibition (site) to understand supply and demand, the show will log on to the system used for the first time, grasp the audience information in real time, collect participants identity information and the intention to visit the audience through the login, establish industry based database for educational equipment industry.



This exhibition attracted nationwide teachers, administrative departments at all levels of education, equipment management, equipment production enterprises, education school logistics service facilities and equipment production enterprises, the book publishing unit, nearly 100 thousand people came to learn about the activities, the Education Department of Liaoning Province, the provincial and municipal districts and counties the Bureau of education managers and teachers in all types of schools at all levels of nearly 12000 people to attend the exhibition will be the final success.




Research and Development Center

The party is set into Kai intelligent recording products, interactive display products R & D, production, sales, engineering, customer service as one of the smart campus solution provider. Fang Cheng Hongji product R & D factory located in Shenzhen, the national marketing center in Shenyang.




Our team

The company has a team consisting of highly educated, high-quality talent team, as the first in the research and production of multimedia teaching equipment team, witnessed the rapid development of multimedia education, multimedia education has accumulated rich technical equipment and mature solutions, the formation of a scientific management system. Team members are young and full of vitality, with innovative awareness and the courage to meet the challenges. Have a good sense of social responsibility, willing to improve the development of Chinese multimedia education, contribute.




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